Our frequently asked questions

Find the answers to your inquiries about Brave Face here! Whether they’re about the products we make and the cause they go to, you’ll find them at the sections below:  

‘What kind of masks do you sell?’ 

We have a bunch of different masks available here at Brave Face, and all of them are made with love and expertise by our employees in the United States. You also have a lot to choose from in terms of size, design and material used for the fabric itself. 

If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, please do not hesitate to head over to our website and see the masks that we sell. You should be able to scroll through our online catalogue easily and see which masks you like. 

‘How do I know the size of the mask I want to buy?’ 

There are size indications on the lower right portion of every product listing. They range from an XS to an XL, and these also vary on the type of fabric being used. If you would like to get more information, you can check out the size chart where we have a full list of measurements for your reference. 

‘How much of the proceeds go to the Make A Wish Foundation?’ 

80% of our proceeds go to the Make a Wish Foundation and 20% will go to the manufacturing and profits of our company at Brave Face. If you wish to learn more about the division of our proceeds and how else we handle operations, you can read the different articles and information we post on our website. 

‘Can I learn more about how to help?’ 

Yes! If you do not wish to buy masks from us here at Brave Face, you can also head over to our website and see how you can personally donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. On the other hand, if you reside here in the United States, then you can always sign up to be a volunteer. 

About Brave Face

For the past few years, it has always been our goal here at Brave Face to show our clients just how much we care for their health and the happiness of our friends at the Make a Wish Foundation. It is for this reason that we opened an office here in the United States and made sure that we could offer high-quality face masks for all. 

If you also wish to put on a brave face and help out the kids over at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, head on over to our website and see the different masks available. Before you know it, you will get your hands on some stylish, functional and durable masks to have for everyday use!