We are at the beginning of a new era in social awareness and consciousness.

We are at the beginning of a new era in social awareness and consciousness. As experienced eco clothing designers and manufacturers BraveFace felt compelled to build and launch a new sustainable brand of masks and face coverings that help people to protect themselves and one another. The main goal of the Braveface team has been to create masks and face coverings that people will want to wear and will feel good about wearing. To achieve this we focused on fun, stylized designs and only the very best sustainable fabrics.

Made in Canada from Canadian milled Certified 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester

BraveFace masks and face coverings are made in Canada from Canadian milled Certified 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester. As our health officials and government leaders urge us all to wear protective face coverings, we as consumers and citizens must seek products that follow form and function. Masks and face coverings that are functional are of paramount concern, but choices in design and quality, and the ability to easily clean and re-use them is where BraveFace sees the biggest opportunity for growth in this space. We feel that it’s important to relate to people in these challenging times. That means producing multiple styles to accommodate different fits, sizes and consumer preferences. It also means developing graphics that people can connect with or that will reflect a variety of tastes and interests. We’re going through some pretty heavy stuff right now, if we can lighten things up or give people another reason to smile through some simple fun design, while helping protect our communities, then we’re accomplishing our objective. We want you to feel safe and feel that you are part of the solution. We also want to offer you an outlet for self-expression via our ethical fabrics and art driven designs and patterns.

We adhere to fair labour and socially compliant practices, we only produce products that keep sustainability foremost in mind, and we actively give back to charity.

Brave Face: About the Make-A-Wish Foundation 

It comes as no surprise that there are a lot of non-profit organisations and foundations out there, all of which have amazing causes that people must direct their attention to. One of them, in particular, is the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  

The organisation was first founded in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States and also has its headquarters in the same location to this day. It focuses on helping children who are aged 2 to 18 years old and currently have any form of a critical or terminal illness. 

Make-A-Wish Foundation will then work with these kids to grant any wish that they can think of. This is because of the fact that some of these children will unfortunately not have many years to live and Make-A-Wish along with its supporters are doing everything they can to ensure that they have the best memories. 

The wishes of each child can vary, and some of them range from going on trips to buying some of their dream gifts or maybe even meeting idols that they have looked up to their whole lives. On the other hand, the wishes can also be incredibly simple. 

Ever since we opened our doors to the public a few years ago here at Brave Face, it has been our goal to make sure that all of our clients have access to amazing face masks and also know that they are doing their part to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Through the creation, marketing and distribution of our masks, we hope that every penny and thought that goes into every purchase will make its way into the wishes of these kids. They deserve it after all of the hardship that they have gone through with their illnesses. 

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is an amazing organisation that supports children from all over the United States, and even in other parts of the world. We hope that you are able to join us here at Brave Face in making all of these wishes come true. Plus, you can have your fill of many amazing masks for daily use. 

Make-A-Wish Foundation: The best stories over the years

There are a lot of things that make up the family here at Brave Face and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. One of the most important ones is the stories that we get after we are able to grant the wishes of kids all over the United States. It can be extremely heartwarming to see all of it and it gives us further motivation to do what we do. 

So, if you would like to see some of the best stories that we have received from the Make-A-Wish Foundation be sure to take a look at the list that we have prepared for you in the section below: 


Sawyer is a 3-year-old boy from the United States who was diagnosed with leukaemia. When he was granted a wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he wanted to build a chicken coop mansion for his favourite friends. According to his family, Sawyer now cares for 17 chickens and they get about a dozen eggs per day!  

This wish is something that makes Sawyer incredibly happy because he is able to care for his favourite animals and collect their eggs every day. Whenever he undergoes chemotherapy and meets up with doctors, he makes sure to bring them a basket of eggs to say thank you! 

When it comes to some of the wishes that people try to support at Brave Face and Make-A-Wish, it is quite normal to get wishes that involve going on expensive trips or buying toys and all sorts of things that normally make kids happy. However, Sawyer has proven that he is incredibly unique and used his wish for something that will benefit both himself, his chickens and those he loves. 


To join all of the other animal lovers out there, 7-year-old Jade has expressed her wish to have a puppy to care for as her own. Well, this wish finally came true when the Make-A-Wish Foundation came through and gave her a gorgeous puppy whom she named Sky. 

Since they met, Jade has been happier despite having a genetic disorder and going to treatments several times a week. Instead of going home and feeling as if she has to go to sleep, she feels happy and inspired to spend time with Sky. 

Jade’s family has also said that the arrival of Sky to their family has given her a chance to be more confident and courageous. It has been an excellent experience for Jade and the rest of her family. Not to mention that Sky has also gained a lifelong friend that will care for her in the years to come! 


It has always been every girl’s dream to become a princess, and this is exactly what 9-year-old Khushi wanted to get for her wish. Being a cancer patient was never easy on her and her family, so it made sense that she would be getting whatever she wanted, including being a princess for a day! 

Thanks to all of the hard work and effort of the team here at Brave Face and at Make-A-Wish Foundation, Khushi was officially able to become a princess with her beautiful gown, tiara, sceptre, and so much more. She also had a chance to get a complete makeover to have her hair and makeup done. 

To top it all off, Khusi also stayed in an amazing suite in a hotel downtown and rode in a horse-drawn carriage as people cheered her on. Talk about an amazing royal experience to remember! 

Why should you support the Make-A-Wish Foundation?

Now that you have a better understanding of what the Make-A-Wish Foundation is and some of the stories that it has collected over the years, it’s time to see why exactly you should support this amazing organisation. 

One of the reasons why you should support the Make-A-Wish Foundation is because it is an excellent opportunity for you to support a great cause without having to spend too much money or make too much of an effort. Plus, you get amazing products out of it as well! 

It is an unfortunate truth that some kids here in the US and in other parts of the world have to live with illnesses that take a lot out of their childhood experiences. Oftentimes, these are the last few years that they have in their lives, so Make-A-Wish works by potentially giving them the best memories that they can have. 

Another reason why you should support the Make-A-Wish Foundation is that it is a non-profit organisation that purely relies on donations made by the government or its supporters. No one in this community pockets any of the proceeds that we make and all of it goes towards the manufacturing of the masks and the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s efforts. 

There are so many amazing volunteers available who wish to do everything they can to make these kids’ wishes come true. You can do your part to help out even if you are far away in other parts of the world. 

Last but not least, we at Brave Face believe that you should support the Make-A-Wish Foundation because it is safe and follows the regulations set forth by the United States and its federal law. While the organisation promises to grant the wish of these children, there are certain limits to ensure that they remain safe. 

There are a lot of programs that the foundation offers as well. You can learn more about it on their website and see which ones are the specific initiatives that tickle your fancy. For more questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Brave Face as well. 

So, if you find yourself in need of any face masks or you want to do your part in helping the children sponsored by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, head over to our website and you will find everything that you need there. Rest assured that it is an initiative that you will not regret investing in! 

About Brave Face

Based in the United States, we at Brave Face consider ourselves to be one of the best when it comes to distributing all sorts of face masks. The proceeds will mostly go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where we advocate for granting the wishes of children with critical illnesses. 

So, if you think that you are in need of good face masks and you wish to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, please head over to our website! There you will find all of the necessary information needed to see our product catalogue and take a look at the different promotions and events we offer. For more information, feel free to send us a message or give us a call!